WIZARD – Pinball Display

Express your excitement for Pinball with our “WIZARD Pinball Shirt”, a pinball WIZARD t-shirt designed with a captivating alphanumeric display, making it a standout piece in any pinball player’s wardrobe!

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Pinball Wizard arcade display design

Anyone who has ever played pinball knows how intense it can be. Anyone who has ever bought a pinball machine knows how addictive it can be. This “Caution pinball wizard XING” funny graphic design is made for those kind of people in mind!

About the WIZARD – Pinball Alphanumeric Display design

The third design is the Alphanumeric Pinball “WIZARD” design. Featuring the word “WIZARD” on an alphanumeric display. Visually very realistic! We had a couple printed from CafePress and they turned out sweet. Perfect for a pinball player with a slight attitude!

Q: What is a pinball wizard?
A: A “pinball wizard” is a term that originated from the song “Pinball Wizard” by The Who, which was part of their 1969 rock opera album “Tommy” and subsequent movie from 1975. In the song, the term is used to refer to the main character, Tommy, who is a challenged boy with an extraordinary ability to play pinball.

Since then, “pinball wizard” has been widely used in pop culture to refer to someone who is exceptionally skilled at playing pinball games.

For more on the movie “Tommy” (1975), click here to go to the IMDb listing.

See the “Tommy” (1975) movie trifler:


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