*TILT* – Alphanumeric Display

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Pinball Tilt arcade display design

Anyone who has ever played pinball knows how intense it can be. Anyone who has ever bought a pinball machine knows how addictive it can be. This “*TILT*” funny graphic design is made for those kind of people in mind!

About the *TILT* – Pinball Alphanumeric Display design

It all started back in 2004 when one of our lead designers won a Batman Forever pinball machine on eBay and invited everyone to his New Year’s party. What a blast!!! That game brought a whole new dimension to the typical board games, snacks and drinking that was all of he years prior. Since then, pinball machines has been a slight obsession around here; going to expos, gaming classics, tournaments etc. After seeing people participate in pinball tournaments and literally putting their back into it when playing these games, it was absolutely essential to make a T-Shirt to reflect that intensity. Enter the FGT-S release the “*TILT*” alphanumeric display design!


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