Game Over – Arcade Monitor Tee

Embrace your gaming identity with our ‘Game Over – Arcade Monitor Tee’, a striking game over shirt that is an essential addition to any gamer shirt collection and stands out amongst video game shirts with its nostalgic appeal.

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Vintage 1980’s Arcade Screen Design

Growing up in the 80’s had its moments. Like when the old school game console came out with their less than 8-bit graphics. By today’s standards, those games look like garbage but, at that period in time, it was AWESOME!!!

About the Game Over vintage 1980’s Arcade monitor Screen design

This design was built from the ground up using blocks drawn in Illustrator. The roughed in “Game Over” simulated text was imported into Photoshop and run through a number of filters and glows were added in various opacity to simulate a glowing monitor. Convergence problems were also simulated by putting on reddish and green strokes that were offset. The outcome was a visually realistic arcade monitor designer.


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