Silverball Pinball Ball Vector

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About the Silverball Pinball Ball vector design

Pinball is real popular right now.  The silverball is an icon of pinball and it is the “wild” random element of this classic arcade game.  Arcade games use random number generators or, at best, you are playing another human being but pinball is not meant to be programmed.  Anyone who has played pinball knows that you can’t predict your next shot and how the ball is going to react.  The same title game doesn’t even play the same from machine to machine.

In our efforts to make the next great pinball shirt we went with simplicity.  The silverball says it all.  Anyone who has seen a pinball machine knows exactly what it represents.  Simple, clean, powerful.

100% Vector Art

This Silverball pinball ball design was created by Arcade Tees as a vector illustration to appear photo realistic. When printed, this design will be super crisp as no poor quality images were used to create this unique design.  Vector art can be scaled infinitely to be just as sharp at the size of the Moon as it is at 2 inches wide!


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